Collaborative Science Conversations: Designing Science for Coastal and Ocean Decision Making

Collaborative science and the co-production of science involve working closely with partners at every stage – from conceptualizing a new project, to conducting the research, to refining tools to best meet a management need. The goal is to encourage mutually beneficial exchanges between researchers and resource managers. Essential to collaborative science is building relationships and engendering trust among the partners. NOAA’s NERRS Science Collaborative and RESTORE Science programs support collaborative science through funding and partnerships around protected and at-risk coastal and ocean areas. 

This webinar, the first jointly hosted event between the NERRS Science Collaborative and RESTORE Science programs, will feature a panel discussion among three contributors to the programs, highlighting important lessons learned and experiences on how to become effective co-producers of science.

Date and Time: Thu, 07/29/2021 – 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Speaker(s): Christine Angelini, Mike Langston, Eric Sparks, Jeanne Bloomberg, and Doug George

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