Coastal Habitats

Updated September 2020


  • Tidal marsh restoration (ecological lift versus economics, analysis of existing restoration, i.e. does it work/is it successful)
  • Ecosystem services (value of saltmarshes)
  • Economic value of salt marshes via wave attenuation during storm surge
  • Innovative technologies /methodologies for dredge material disposal (thin layer placement insalt marshes, tracing sediment movement after disposal)
  • Innovative materials and techniques for implementing Living shoreline projects that aim torecruit oysters and stabilize shorelines, considerate of sea level rise (new materials, materialsof opportunity vs. traditional cultch materials)
  • Environmental and biological data related to health and/or status of Georgia’s river drainagesystems. Specific needs related to habitat requirements during early life stages of marineorganisms
  • Carrying capacity of docks in small creeks and tributaries – Can a carrying capacity modelfor creeks and small tributaries be developed?
  • Reach of tide in major riverine systems