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The Southeast Conservation Blueprint; South Atlantic LLC

The Blueprint is a living, spatial plan that identifies important places for conservation and restoration across the Southeast and Caribbean. The Blueprint stitches together smaller subregional plans into one consistent map, incorporating the best available information about the current condition of key species and habitats, as well as future threats. Because the Blueprint is a living plan, it will evolve over time, driven by improvements to the underlying science, our growing understanding of on-the-ground conditions, and input from new partners. 

Blueprint Version 2020

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Southeast Blueprint 2020 was released in October 2020 at the virtual annual meeting of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Significant improvements over the previous versions include: finer resolution and a more connected network of priorities in the inland South Atlantic subregion; updated data and a more consistent approach to cross-state prioritization in the Middle Southeast subregion; and better integration in areas of overlap between the South Atlantic Blueprint, Florida Blueprint, and Nature’s Network design. For a full list of everything that changed in Version 2020, check out the Southeast Blueprint changelog. You can explore and download the data on the Southeast Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA), a free online mapping platform. Here, you can also read more about the methods and underlying datasets used to create Version 2020, and check out a user guide full of ideas about how to apply it to your own work.

South Atlantic Conservation Planning Atlas; South Atlantic LLC 

The South Atlantic CPA is a free mapping portal designed to share regional spatial data. Users can overlay multiple layers, create and export maps, and download data. In addition to the Conservation Blueprint, users will find information about connectivity, protected lands, urban growth, and much more.

The Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) is a science-based mapping platform where conservation managers and LCC members can go to view, retrieve, and perform analyses on spatial information with specific conservation goals in mind.

Three portals have been created for the LCC network:

Spatially explicit datasets, galleries, and maps are available in a hierarchical system:

Data can be searched, viewed, and used in analyses. Additionally, users can upload their own data to their account to be used in conjunction with these datasets.
The CPA provides a platform for LCCs to create galleries to showcase a cohesive collection of spatial information and supporting documentation. Several galleries are being showcased at each portal.

The CPA also allows its users to create groups of members from several organizations who may have the same conservation goals. Within a group, you can perform analyses, upload data, and share information for other group members to use.