Restoration Program Manager; Coral Restoration Foundation

The Restoration Program Manager position is responsible for overall operational application of CRF’s field-based restoration mission. The ideal candidate will embody a quality approach to restoration that includes adaptation and improvements that produce positive results. The Restoration PM will implement CRF’s restoration mission, while coordinating with other CRF departments and collaborating with like-minded and/or supervisory agencies outside of CRF.
Due to the nature and scope of his/her work the Restoration PM directly reports to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) who has administrative and operational control, and works in conjunction with the CRF Director of Restoration Strategy (DRS) overall strategic plan. Responsibilities include all aspects from development of operating, budgeting, and funding sourcing plans, managing labor resources (department staff, interns, and volunteers), and supporting other departments’ goals as they align with overall CRF mission. All work must comply with OSHA, NOAA scientific reciprocity, CRF dive safety, and dive industry standards.

Job Responsibilities (including, but are not limited to):

Program Management

  • Develop and manage the Restoration Department’s annual operating plan that aligns with the goals of CRF’s five-year strategic plan.
    • Manage CRF’s field-based nurseries and outplanting operations/obligations. o Maintain CRF’s master nursery and outplant database system(s).
    • Coordinate with external contacts to seek or convey information and critical activities to include contractual partners, restoration and research collaborators, and monitoring agencies.
    • Collect, record, and track coral inventory, health, and restoration data at nurseries and reef restoration sites in compliance with CRF’s data standards and master system.
    • Collaborate with the Science Department and other contributors in the development and trialing of novel restoration methodologies.
    • Collaborate with all other departments on projects to further CRF’s mission, to include providing content trainings, assist in developing school curriculums, presentations, social media, and website platforms.
    • Trailer and captain dive trips on CRF’s vessels to support Restoration, Department throughout the Florida Keys, and assist other departments in this compliment as needed.
    • Support the Education Department’s development, coordination, and execution of specific restoration training requirements, on land and in-water, for interns, volunteers and others regarding CRF’s restoration efforts.
    • Build relationships locally, nationally, and internationally to establish new partnerships for resources, collaboration, and support
    • Manage and maintain all restoration department personal training/certifications/medical data to remain in compliance with DSO and audit standards for dives.
  • Permitting and Agency Liaison
    • Oversee the development and implementation of permitting applications/requirements for local, state, and federal agency levels as they concern to coral restoration.
    • Assist the CRF DRS in strategic planning for potential expansion and new permitting requirements.
    • In coordination with the CRF DRS, report on activities and requirements within the sanctuary protected areas to FKNMS.
    • Oversee all annual reporting requirements for CRF’s operational permits to state and federal level agencies to include Mission Iconic Reef.
    • Advise CEO, CFO, COO, and DRS on permitting concerns, changes, adaptations and/or new permitting requests.
    • Assist the DRS in representation, project collaboration and participation in working groups with the CRC
  • Administrative and Other Duties
    • Develop and oversee the Restoration Department annual operating budget to include providing the CFO and CEO with reporting metrics for funding support, confirming and reporting P&L documents, completing monthly expense reports, approving restoration team purchases and employee reimbursements, and providing invoicing and approval for outside vendors.
    • Oversee the purchases of supplies and materials to perform restoration tasks. o Manage the tip disbursement system for external water-based vendors and charters.
    • Participate in the development and submission of grant applications in collaboration with the CEO and other programs.
    • Perform representation at conferences and public speaking on behalf of CRF when required.
    • Participate in the development and publishing of peer reviewed papers as required.
    • Participate in the drafting of contracts/agreements and other legal documents in support of CEO’s efforts.
    • Manage and supervise several full-time and temporary staff members, Interns, and volunteers.
    • Manage department evaluation system to include development of employee specific operating plans, self, quarterly, and annual evaluations, and Individual Development Plans (IDP); Guide and mentor employees to complete process annually.
    • Oversee the CRF dive schedule for restoration efforts, collaborating with the Education and Science departments to ensure it meets the needs of CRF.
    • Manage staff daily activities to include land and water work, PTO, etc and support activities to develop the OWL for scheduling interns and volunteers.
    • Responsible for overseeing the development, advertising, and hiring of new restoration employees, as well as onboarding and training development.
    • Assist in special projects with other departments as requested or directed.
    • Maintain physical and professional levels to perform tasks as a SCUBA diver for CRF.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Personal Characteristics

  • Master’s degree from an accredited university in Biology, Ecology, Marine or Environmental Sciences. A focus in coral reef studies is preferred
  • Three years of demonstrated management-level experience in coral reef biology, conservation, or restoration work with a minimum of one year of experience in the non- profit sector.
  • Minimum Level Diving Certification through an internationally recognized certification agency of Divemaster or above, with a minimum of 100 logged dives; minimum 30 logged boat and ocean dives.
  • Small boat handling and trailering experience; MOCC/MOTC or NSBC Close Quarters Training preferred.
  • Current certifications in First Aid, CPR, O2 Provider from an internationally recognized agency.
  • Proven experience in supervision, project management, and a general understanding of accounting and budget management.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word with a strong understanding of general computer and digital technology.
  • Ability to plan and manage projects to successful and timely completion
  • Self-motivating – desire to improve self, business process, data quality and business performance
  • Agent of education – committed to an environment of continuous training and education of peers and self.
  • Deep integrity, with an unwavering commitment to ethical behavior.
  • Proven organizational and analytical skills.
  • Professional, positive, and approachable attitude/demeanor and ability to remain discrete.

Desirable Skills and Knowledge

  • USCG Licensed Captain
  • Program Manager or Assistant Program Manager level experience.
  • Nonprofit program management
  • Operational and strategic planning
  • Personable and team oriented


  • Critical thinking to adapt or modify processes in response to changing circumstances.
  • Coordinate multiple tasks with many variables, while working on SCUBA.
  • Solve routine problems independently and an understanding of when to escalate.
  • Self-motivated: identify and implement changes and improvements to processes and procedures.


CRF operates with a modest staff of 22 people and relies on a robust educational intern program, seasonal employees as well as local volunteers to accomplish our mission and work effectively on and off the water. We are a lean operation, and teamwork is crucial to our success. Being an effective team member means not only having the ability to work with your fellow staff members but also to be a positive example to our interns and volunteers (both on the water and off).

Interested candidates should be able to:

  • Work with a diverse group of stakeholders, both in- and out-side the organization, fellow staff, interns, volunteers, the public, donors, and partners.
  • Manage groups of divers with various levels of dive skills and certifications and clearly articulate tasks by explanation and demonstration.
  • Occasionally communicate with internal and external contacts to seek or convey information and coordinate arrangements.
  • Consistently demonstrate professional, positive, and approachable attitude/demeanor and discretion.


Work requires high levels of physical exertion and/or physical strain. Applicants should be prepared to carry up to 65 pounds overall and 35 pounds overhead. This position is expected to perform up to 3 shallow water dives for up to 5 dive days per week. Work environment involves frequent exposure to various elements (sun, heat, wind, rain, cold, etc). Typical work week is 5 days per week over the course of Monday through Sunday, 9-5pm or modified to meet mission expectations. A willingness to travel and work flexible hours and weekends is essential.

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