Operational Oceanographic Specialist: Lynker

Lynker Technologies, LLC is seeking to hire an Operational Oceanographic Specialist to provide NOAA’s Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) with continuous support for monitoring real-time water level, currents, and other oceanographic and meteorological data. This position is located at NOAA’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Major duties of the position include:  

  • Continuously monitor CO-OPS’ network of real-time oceanographic and meteorological sensors for sensor operability;
  • Provide quality control to ensure the availability, accuracy, and quality of water level, current, and other oceanographic and meteorological data; Investigate data or sensor problems and report changes in sensor status in a timely manner (i.e., before users make decisions);
  • Provide daily summaries of station, sensor, or data issues from the previous 24 hours of operations;
  • Interact with CO-OPS field personnel who are installing or maintaining observing systems;
  • Communicate with and assist users of CO-OPS’ products and services.

Required qualifications and skills for this position:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of oceanographic, meteorological and other scientific principles and technology; in particular, how to analyze physical oceanographic data sets, assess observing sensor operability, and troubleshoot suspect data issues.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in oceanography, meteorology, or related physical science field, and have at least four years of relevant professional experience.
  • Eight years of relevant experience in operational oceanography can substitute for this degree requirement.
  • The ability to review large volumes of data and identify technical oceanographic issues using customized software and data management tools.
  • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing, with CO-OPS personnel and users of CO-OPS’ information.
  • Must be able to work 12-hour shifts, including routinely at night and on weekends, and occasionally on holidays.

To apply for this job please visit recruiting.paylocity.com.