Observer Liaison; Lynker Technologies LLC and NOAA

Lynker Technologies, LLC is seeking to hire an Observer Liaison to support an upcoming contract with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) Alaska Division in Seattle, WA.  The hiring of this position is contingent on receiving the award for the contract.

NOAA is seeking a contractor to liaise with the Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) to effectively respond to and understand the variety of suspected violations of federal law that may occur throughout the multiple fishing seasons under multiple fishery management programs. As new regulations are implemented, both the fishing industry and the observers collecting fishery data will need to adapt accordingly. The Observer Liaison provides guidance by adapting to the changes ahead of the fishing industry and the observers, and predicting potential impacts made by regulatory changes. 

Additionally, the role of the Observer Liaison includes facilitating training to ensure all pertinent parties are aware of current and new regulatory requirements, the impacts of violating said regulations, and the process of how compliance monitoring data is used to fulfill OLE’s mission. The Observer Liaison is OLE’s Primary Point of Contact for National Marine Fisheries staff, fielding questions relating to observers. The Observer Liaison is also OLE’s initial recipient of reports of suspected violations, and also analyzes observer generated documentation to detect non-verbal disclosures of potential violations. 

Specifically, the Observer Liaison shall perform the following tasks:

Conduct Liaison with Observers, OPO staff, & the fishing industry

  • Develop and prepare observer data and reports as requested by OLE staff for internal use, the Northern Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC), and other fishery management organizations.
  • With emphasis on enforcement, develop and review technical reports, papers, and analysis for regulatory and program review and revision.
  • In consultation with OLE sworn staff, provide guidance and assistance to OPO staff and observers on compliance roles, identification of potential violations, regulations, and monitor training programs for regulatory accuracy.
  • Develop and provide compliance assistance and outreach material for OPO staff, observers, stakeholders, and observer contractors.
  • Maintain regular interactions with Seattle OPO staff, observers, stakeholders, and observer contractors.
  • Prepare enforcement sections of outreach and observer program reports to the NPFMC and review and contribute to other sections of reports as assigned.
  • Provide quarterly reports on original observer data held as evidence.
  • As assigned, provide contributions to OLE semi-annual reports to the NPFMC.

Train Observers & assist with training development

  • In consultation with OLE sworn staff, prepare and maintain current enforcement training presentations and reference materials for recurring training sessions.
  • Prepare for, coordinate, and/or assist with enforcement training presentations for observers, observer program staff, and other stakeholder groups. Present enforcement segments of observer training as required.
  • In consultation with OLE sworn staff, maintain current enforcement reference manuals and materials for use by OPO staff and observers.
  • In consultation with OLE sworn staff, prepare and review current regulation and compliance sections of the Observer Sampling Manual.

Provide investigative assistance to Agents & Officers

  • In consultation with OLE sworn staff, assist in evaluating statements of potential violation(s) and complete observer program and OLE database entries for observer generated statements of potential violation.
  • Collect, organize, and prepare reports on violation trend data.
  • Provide investigative assistance to AKD sworn staff in support of investigations, such as reviewing and preparing data, records, and technical information relevant to the case.
  • Assist OPO staff managers and observers in identifying and documenting potential violations.
  • In consultation with OLE sworn staff, provide analysis of observer complaints for FOIA requests, other OLE reports, and investigations.

Provide administrative support in the form of reports & documentation

  • Provide program travel, training, and material estimates for budget planning.
  • Maintain procedural guides for entering data and other administrative processes associated with the position’s duties.


  • Minimum of 5 years Observer experience
  • Experience providing program management support

Have Knowledge in:

  • Business processes, best practices & procedures
  • Database management
  • Meeting facilitation
  • NOAA Fisheries policies & programs
  • Planning
  • Federal financial management & operations

Job Location: Seattle, Washington

Application Website: Apply here