Coastal & Ocean Stewardship Program Manager; Amah Mutsun Land Trust

Amah Mutsun Land Trust (AMLT) is a nonprofit organization founded by the Amah Mustun Tribal Band to protect sacred sites, and to promote traditional cultural and spiritual stewardship on lands within the Mutsun and Awaswas territories through research, conservation, restoration, and education.

The Coastal & Ocean Stewardship Program Manager will be responsible for growing, managing, and evaluating AMLT’s nascent Coastal and Ocean Stewardship Program andwill work to ensure that project activities serve the goals of the Tribe, meet grant commitments, and contribute to achieving AMLT’s core vision. The Program Manager will be responsible for designing and conducting research and monitoring activities at selected sites to better understand changing coastal and ocean environments. They will collaborate with research institutions and other Tribes to collect and analyze data, and will work closely with Tribal partners from within the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and beyond to gather knowledge about Indigenous land restoration and stewardship practices. All research and monitoring will be directly applicable to AMLT Coastal and Ocean Stewardship projects. Additionally, the Program Manager will be responsible for training Amah Mutsun youth and young adults in all facets of this program so they can restore and steward these environments and can become coastal and ocean science leaders themselves. The Program Manager will be responsible for maintaining and building the network of Tribes, research institutions, and conservation partners engaged in this work so information can be shared among the partners and with other Tribes.


  • Supervise and manage all aspects of AMLT’s Coastal and Ocean Stewardship Program, including Native Stewardship Corps members, volunteers, and other engaged in tis work
  • Assist in studying and understanding West Coast marine environments and ecosystems
  • Work with AMLT staff to identify and develop applied research, monitoring, and stewardship projectsto restore and manage these systems
  • Develop marine stewardship expertise in Native Stewards through training and collaborative researchendeavors so they can restore and steward these systems using traditional ecological knowledge andresource management practices
  • Work collaboratively with a myriad of research institutions, institutes, foundations, Tribal networks, andTribes to share knowledge collected from these research activities and to gather information about traditional land management and stewardship practices used by Indigenous people in coastal and marine environments
  • Determine how best to capture changes in species composition and distribution at different locations and at different scales so we can see what changes are taking place and the speed at which they are occurring
  • Ascertain how we can better manage our coastal and marine environments to support greater biodiversity, resilience, and sustainable harvest of marine resources, in the face of climate change
  • Determine which restoration efforts are most effective at promoting biodiversity and apply them at selected sites and monitor the results
  • Support the network of research institutions, Tribes, and other parties trying to diversify our knowledge of marine science and elevate traditional ecological knowledge and practices to enhance our existing knowledge of marine science and marine conservation and policy
  • Coordinate site visits for monitoring and stewardship activities with the AMLT Native Stewardship Corps and staff, Amah Mutsun Tribal Band members, research institutions, public and private landholding agencies, and all other relevant partners and stakeholders
  • Provide in-person leadership, expertise, and logistical support for coastal site visits and field work
  • Maintain a database of all data and information collected relevant to coastal monitoring and stewardship
  • Develop and consult with an advisory board compromised of Amah Mutsun Tribal Band members andLand Trust staff regarding decisions which require Tribal input and feedback
  • Train the next generation of indigenous stewards to become leaders in marine science
  • Coordinate with the AMLT’s Office Manager and accountant to ensure that all grant guidelines,deliverables, and internal procedures are being observed, followed, and met
  • Work closely with other program managers to ensure the Coastal & Ocean Stewardship Program is integrated and coordinated with other programmatic activities to maximize AMLT’s collective impact on the landscape and in our understanding of traditional ecological knowledge and practices.
  • Work with the AMLT Director of Development and other AMLT leadership staff to identify and apply for new grants to support future work
  • Recruit, train, and supervise program volunteers as needed
  • Provide educational presentations, site tours, field trips, etc. for AMLT partners, supporters, students,and public groups
  • Write articles about AMLT’s Coastal and Ocean work for the AMLT newsletter, website, or other media outlets
  • Explore and develop other media venues to promote AMLT’s work, such as online videos, social media, etc.

Compensation and Benefits

This is a full-time, exempt, position that comes with health benefits, vacation and sick leave, and paid time off for holidays. The compensation is between $70,000-80,000, depending upon experience.

Work Location and Travel

Since its inception, the Amah Mutsun Land Trust has been a virtual organization, with all staff members working from home. Board meeting are held quarterly at UC Berkeley and program managers are often asked for written reports and to attend meetings on Zoom or in person. Although the majority of the Program Manager’s work can be completed from home, fieldwork and travel will be required. The Program Manager will need to be able to use a personal vehicle to travel to various project and potential project sites in the California counties of San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara, San Benito, and Alameda.


  • A minimum of a Masters degree in coastal and marine sciences, natural resources, cultural anthropology, oceanography, restoration ecology or related fields is required
  • 3 to 5 years work experience in the field of coastal and marine research and restoration
  • 3 to 5 years of personnel management, grant management, and program management
  • Experience working in a nonprofit organization or land trust
  • Experience working with Indigenous people and Tribes
  • Experience working with and coordinating the activities of multiple research intuitions, Tribes, and other organizations
  • Experience in scientific data recovery, management, analysis, interpretation, and presentation
  • A person with a strong interest in coastal and marine environment, biodiversity, restoration, andstewardship
  • A team player excited about collaborating and supporting others
  • A good communicator who likes solving problems
  • A person comfortable with public speaking
  • A person knowledgeable, interested, and curious about Native American history and Mutsun culture
  • A person committed to land protection and biological and cultural diversity
  • A holistic conservation ethic rooted in stewardship and applied research
  • Demonstrated success at making restoration projects work and learning form mistakes and mishaps
  • Not afraid to work independently, make programmatic related decisions, give feedback, and makeimprovements where needed

To Apply

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please submit your resume, cover letter, and three (3) references to Reed Holderman, Interim Executive Director at or mail us at 2460 17th Avenue, #1019, Santa Cruz, CA 95062. Questions about this position can be directed to Reed at: Applications will be accepted until this position is filled.