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The U.S. Coastal Research Program (USCRP) is a multi-agency led effort to coordinate Federal activities, strengthen academic programs, and address coastal community needs. Past USCRP opportunities have funded university researchers across the U.S. to tackle coastal science and engineering questions in a variety of environments along all of the nation’s coastlines. The goal of the USCRP is to build a community of practice to address societal needs along the coast. USCRP is a collaboration of Federal agencies, academics, and stakeholders that aims to identify research priorities, enhance funding for coastal academic programs, foster collaboration, and promote science translation.

It is anticipated that approximately $4,000,000 will be available to move research project findings detailed in The Nearshore Report ( toward application through service delivery that integrates research, its application, and community engagement in three thematic program areas of (1) long-term coastal evolution, (2) extreme Notice of Federal Funding Page 2 of 24 storms, and (3) human and ecosystem health. Developing and delivering actionable scientific information to users on the related themes requires integration of a broad range of stakeholder needs and coastal science. The USCRP Story Map highlights research that has been funded by the program:

Proposals should address the needs or gaps that have been identified by or are evident from USCRP-funded projects, to move research project findings toward application through service delivery and decision support for coastal community decision-makers, planners, and other coastal stakeholders (i.e., the translation of societally-relevant coastal and estuarine physical processes science to science-based solutions that address coastal community needs related to resilience). Deriving societal benefit from this research requires engaging end-users to ensure it is delivered to them in an accessible and equitable manner to support their resilience decision making and planning.

Eligible Applicants: The following entities are encouraged to participate in this funding opportunity, in conjunction with a Sea Grant program: any individual; any public or private corporation,partnership, or other association or entity (including any Sea Grant Program or other institution); or any State, political subdivision of a State, Tribal government or agency or officer thereof. Federal agencies and their personnel are not permitted to receive federal funding under this competition; however, federal scientists and other employees can serve as uncompensated partners or co-Principal Investigators on applications. Federal labs and offices can also make available specialized expertise, facilities or equipment to applicants but cannot be compensated under this competition for their use.

Application Closing Date: August 30, 2022

This document sets out requirements for submitting to NOAA-OAR-SG-2022-2007298. Additional guidance and tips on how best to prepare an application are provided in the Sea Grant General Application Guide available at

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