Unique Communities, Shared Challenges: Addressing Resilience, Equitably; Southeast and Caribbean Disaster Resilience Partnership

January 26 & 27, 2022

Our meeting this year will be held virtually. All are invited to attend.

We are working hard to develop informative and thought-provoking sessions addressing topics such as:

·  federal funding for resilience

·  regional climate migration

·  equity in resilience and recovery

·  impacts of extreme heat

·  building and infrastructure resilience

·  nature-based solutions 

·  an opportunity to provide input to the National Climate Assessment 5

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Five complimentary Student Registrations and five complimentary Individual Registrations will be offered for the 2022 SCDRP Annual Meeting. These scholarships are for meeting Registrations only.
  • To apply for a scholarship, please include the following application items and submit them in a email to scdrp.secoora.org by January 6, 2022 by 5 pm EST.
    • Your Name, Your Organization or Affiliation, Your City/State​
    • In approximately 500 words, please share with us why you would like to attend the 2022 SCDRP Annual Meeting, what you hope to gain, and what you may be able to take back to apply in your own work. 

​To learn more about applying for a Scholarship Opportunity, visit https://www.scdrp.secoora.org/meet22.

An agenda will be posted soon. If you have further questions, please email scdrp@secoora.org.

Register @ https://www.scdrp.secoora.org/meet22