ECSA 58 – EMECS 13: Estuaries and coastal seas in the Anthropocene: Structure, functions, services and management

September 6 – 10, 2021 / Hull, UK

ECSA 58 & EMECS 13 brings together a global multi-disciplinary community of researchers, educators and practitioners to address issues of outstanding importance in the science (both natural and social) and management of estuaries and coastal seas in this rapidly changing world.

Proposed Conference Topics

Abstracts are now invited on the following topics. They should be submitted using the online abstract submission system.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 9 April 2021

We invite contributions within the following broad topics, covering the diversity of threats and opportunities facing estuarine, coastal and marine ecosystems and the people they support. 

  • Physical, chemical and ecological structure and functioning 
  • Hydrodynamics and hydrology, including modelling 
  • Adequacy of modelling and prediction of change 
  • Endogenic Managed Pressures and Exogenic Unmanaged Pressures 
  • Interference with connectivity across and between systems 
  • Repercussions of the loss of resources (space, energy, water, etc.) 
  • Loss and gain of habitats and ecosystems 
  • Recovery, restoration and creation of habitats and populations 
  • Recovering and increasing resilience to future changes 
  • Urbanisation and industrialisation of estuaries and semi-enclosed seas 
  • Ecosystem Services and Societal Goods & Benefits 
  • Blue Growth and Green Growth – maximising benefits and minimising impacts 
  • Governance and adaptive management – from the local to the global 
  • Holistic approach to successful and sustainable management 
  • Coping with moving baselines 
  • Science-Policy communication

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