New GCRC Report: Effects of Seismic Surveys on Marine Organisms

The GCRC report, Effects of Seismic Surveys on Marine Organisms, has just been posted. The purpose of this report is to review and summarize research conducted since 2014. It is primarily focused on marine organisms (zooplankton, fishes, sea turtles, and whales) found off the Georgia coast. However, relevant studies of nonindigenous species are also included, as in many cases information on native species was not available. The report that follows is divided into three sections. Part One is an overview of natural and anthropogenic sounds in the ocean and a description of the seismic surveying process. Part Two summarizes literature on the potential physical, behavioral, and physiological effects seismic surveying may have on zooplankton, fishes, sea turtles, and whales. Part Three provides information on data gaps and further research needs.