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Florida's South Florida Water Management District ( SFWMD) Biscayne Bay Project (BISC)

Sponsoring Organization:  Florida Water Management Districts: South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)

Description:  Project BISC is monitored by 2 entities: Dade County Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) and Florida International University (FIU). The entities monitor different parts of Biscayne Bay with the same goal to determine water quality and provide data to District staff and outside agencies. The program with DERM consists of monthly surface water monitoring in Biscayne Bay and tributaries. Routine monitoring was initiated in order to detect spatial and seasonal trends, determine impacts on the health of the bay ecosystem and identify areas of degradation. The project is funded as part of the Biscayne Bay Surface Water Management and Implementation (SWIM) Plan. The program with FIU is part of an integrated monitoring network known as the South Florida Coastal Water Quality Monitoring Network (SFCWQMN). The network is imperative for detecting water quality impacts on the coastal regions of South Florida including Ten Thousand Islands, Florida Bay, Rookery Bay, Biscayne Bay and the Southwest Florida Shelf (discontinued 10/1/07). The data generated from this effort are used to examine water quality trends along the Florida coast as well as address issues concerning freshwater inflow, water clarity, salinity and nutrient availability patterns. These goals are an essential component in restoring the south Florida estuarine and coastal ecosystems.

Web Site:  https://my.sfwmd.gov/portal/page?_pageid=2954,19761153&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_proj_id=250

Program Contact:  Linda Crean

Program Contact Email:  lcrean@sfwmd.gov

Program Contact Web URL:  https://my.sfwmd.gov/portal/page?_pageid=2954,19761082&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Program Purpose:  The majority of the District's water quality monitoring programs provide data for legal mandates, such as the Everglades Forever Act and the Lake Okeechobee Protection Plan, and memoranda of agreement with other agencies and public groups. In addition, multiple permits issued to the District to operate the water management system require ongoing water quality monitoring. The remaining programs support various District research projects and other District needs.

Data Access Web URL:  https://my.sfwmd.gov/portal/page?_pageid=2235,4688836&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Data Access Information:  Visit DBHYDRO Browser, site of integrated data http://my.sfwmd.gov/portal/page?_pageid=2235,4688582&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL DATA REQUEST FORM: http://my.sfwmd.gov/portal/page?_pageid=2235,4688610&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL There is also an online form for requesting specific site information http://my.sfwmd.gov/mapwq/sitestation.htm

Data Access Policy:  DBHYDRO is the South Florida Water Management District's corporate environmental database which stores hydrologic, meteorologic, hydrogeologic and water quality data. This database is the source of historical and up-to-date environmental data for the 16-county region covered by the District. The DBHYDRO Browser allows you to search DBHYDRO, using one or more criteria, and to generate a summary of the data from the available period of record. You can then select data sets of interest and have the time series data dynamically displayed on your screen in tables or graphs. You can also download data to your computer, for later use.

Sampling Design:  Each of the BISC stations are monitored monthly for ions, nutrients, biological and bacteriological parameters. Monitoring also fulfills requirements for the following mandate/permits: 1) Biscayne Bay MFLs 2) Water Resources Development Act 2000 3) CERP Implementation 4) Water Reservations 5) Clean Water Act (TMDL's) and 6) Biscayne Bay SWIM Plan . The data collected from BISC are included in SFCWQMN reports compiled by FIU as well as the SF Environmental Report.

Data Collection Area Name:  Biscayne Bay

Data Collection Area Description:  Map https://my.sfwmd.gov/portal/page?_pageid=2954,19761104&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&PROJECTID=Biscayne%20Bay%20Monitoring

Monitoring Stations:  no stations are currently registered in the database

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