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NCCOS: National Benthic Inventory Program

Sponsoring Organization:  NOAA Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research

Description:  The NBI consists of a dynamic quantitative database on benthic species distributions and a corresponding taxonomic voucher collection of preserved benthic specimens obtained from studies conducted by NOAA and partnering institutions in estuarine and other coastal areas around the country. The quantitative database provides information on benthic species abundances by species and location, thus providing a basis for addressing important management and research questions, such as "what are the incidence and patterns of occurrence of a particular species of interest," or "what are the overall composition and diversity of species assemblages within any particular region of interest. Water Quality data are included.

Web Site:  http://www.nbi.noaa.gov/default.aspx

Duration:  01/01/1991 to present  (as of 03/16/2009)

Program Contact:  Jeff Hyland

Program Contact Email:  Jeff.Hyland@noaa.gov

Program Contact Web URL:  http://www.nbi.noaa.gov/contacts.aspx

Program Purpose:  NOAA's National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science ( NCCOS) conduct a wide variety of coastal environmental monitoring and research studies that generate invaluable taxonomic reference materials and corresponding data sets on the biodiversity and abundances of marine benthic species. The purpose of the National Benthic Inventory (NBI) is to capture this information and make it available as a readily accessible resource to support the needs of other related programs dealing with important coastal management, research, and educational issues.

Data Access Web URL:  http://www.nbi.noaa.gov/projects.aspx

Data Access Information:  Click on the "records" column for each sample site of interest. http://www.nbi.noaa.gov/projects.aspx This provides a suite of latest available data for that site, including some WQ parameters.

Data Access Policy:  Open access, downloadable http://www.nbi.noaa.gov/projects.aspx

Data Collection Area Description:  NC to FL

Monitoring Stations:  no stations are currently registered in the database

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