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Florida DEP CAMA, NE: Nassau River-St. Johns River Marshes -Fort Clinch State Park Aquatic Preserve

Sponsoring Organization:  Florida Department of Environmental Protection: Coastal and Aquatic Managed Areas (CAMA) Northeast

Description:  Our water quality monitoring program began with a single datasonde in the Ft George River and has grown to currently three instruments at various locations within the Northeast Florida Aquatic Preserve. We are planning on installing an additional site further up the Nassau River this year as well.

Web Site:  http://www.dep.state.fl.us/coastal/sites/nassau/info.htm#Contact

Duration:  01/01/2004 to present  (as of 03/30/2009)

Program Contact:  George Myers

Program Contact Email:  George.Myers@dep.state.fl.us

Data Access Information:  Contact agency directly.

Sampling Design:  Parameters being monitored included: temperature, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, depth, pH, and turbidity. Also in partnership with the WQ group from the City of Jacksonville, we collect samples at our sonde locations for phosphorous and various forms of nitrogen approximately every other month. Chl a samples are also collected and analyzed by our National Park Service partners.

Monitoring Stations:  4 stations are registered in the database (search/display)

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