SE Coastal Water Quality Monitoring Metadata Project Web Portal

Database Coverage Map


This website provides access to the Coastal Water Quality Monitoring Metadata Database for the Southeast region, encompassing the Department of the Interior’s South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (SALCC) from Virginia to Florida (view maps). The database was designed with National Park Service funding to store detailed information on water quality monitoring programs operated by federal, state and municipal agencies, as well as by research institutions, including monitoring station locations, measured parameters, program contacts, and links to program web pages and data downloads.

Database Content

Information from 43 monitoring programs operated in the South Atlantic region is currently registered in the database, including metadata on over 44,000 stations at which 1093 distinct parameters are measured. Additional programs and stations can also be registered by interested parties in the future. This database provides an ongoing inventory of monitoring activities for the southeast region and will help to facilitate identification of data gaps or under- or over-sampled areas. On a broader scale, the project’s water quality metadata database and web portal have timely relevance to the broad community of coastal managers, researchers, planners and constituents as they make significant progress in leveraging and focusing regional associations and partnerships.

Portal Resources

This web site provides interactive access to information on Research Programs and Sponsoring Organizations operating water quality or related monitoring programs in the SALCC. Monitoring stations can be browed by program, or searched based on station name, dates of operation, watershed, geographic location or parameters measured. Search results can be browsed on the web, or downloaded in spreadsheet, Google Earth or XML formats for offline use. Station detail pages include location maps, links to data (when available), and information on time period and measurements. The database can also be queried using RESTful web services to provide programmatic access.

Registering New Programs

Representatives of monitoring programs operating within the SALCC region are welcome to contribute metadata about their programs and stations to help build this resource. New users can register for database access, then enter information about new monitoring programs and sponsoring organizations online, and download a spreadsheet template for registering monitoring station information. Please contact the database administrator for additional information on this process.