Program Coordinator

Christine Laporte

Marine Sciences Bldg.
Univ. of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-3636
Tel. 706-542-1283

GCRC Director

Merryl Alber

Marine Sciences Bldg.
Univ. of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-3636



Overview - SARRP Research Plan

April 2010 - The South Atlantic Regional Research Priorities Plan 2010 has been posted here.

The four South Atlantic Sea Grant Programs  (NC, SC, GA, FL), along with the Georgia Coastal Research Council, worked intensively with federal, regional and state partner agency representatives to identify priority regional-level coastal and ocean research needs. The process also included participation from politicians, industry, representatives and other stakeholders from throughout the region. This plan benefited from, and is intended for use by all federal, regional, state and academic partners. The document includes project background, methods, Regional Research Priorities identified, and a discussion of implementation possibilities.

SARRP staff have maintained a close partnership with the four-state Governors' South Atlantic Alliance, whose Mission is to “implement science-based policies and solutions that enhance and protect the value of coastal and ocean resources of the southeastern United States to support the region's culture and economy now and for future generations.” (


Governors' South Atlantic Alliance

December 2010 - The Action Plan of the four-state Governors' South Atlantic Alliance has been finalized and posted to the SAA website ( The implementation plan is underway.

Several members of the SAA Executive Planning Team (EPT) and partners groups served were directly involved in SARRP’s advisory group and issues teams. Christine Laporte is an active member of the EPT, representing SARRP and the research community on the Partners Arm, and serves as a co-mentor on the SAA’s Healthy Ecosystems Technical Team.


Please contact Christine Laporte at if you have questions about SARRP or opportunities for collaboration, or would like a printed copy of the South Atlantic Regional Research Priorities Plan 2010. Also, please visit our “Regional Resources” page additional regional projects.



Organizing Committee

Merryl Alber

Principal Investigator and Director, Georgia Coastal Research Council
and Professor of Marine Sciences,
Univ. of Georgia, Athens.

Charles S. (Chuck) Hopkinson

Director, Georgia Sea Grant,
Univ. of Georgia, Athens.

M. Richard (Rick) DeVoe

Executive Director,
South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium, Charleston.

Karl E. Havens

Director, Florida Sea Grant
and Univ. of Florida, Gainesville.

Michael P. Voiland

Executive Director,
North Carolina Sea Grant, Raleigh.




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