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SE Coastal Water Quality Monitoring Metadata Project

PI: Merryl Alber (Dept of Marine Sciences, Univ of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA)

Support: National Park Service

Timeframe: 2007 - 2009

Project Overview:
The National Park Service identified a need to compile information on long-term monitoring of water quality in southeast coastal waters (brackish and salt water in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and the Atlantic coast of Florida).  In response to this request, the Georgia Coastal Research Council worked with the NPS to fulfill the following objectives:

1. Organize a water quality monitoring workshop (June, 2008).
2. Compile a database of long-term monitoring program metadata
3. Write a report summarizing long-term monitoring in the region
4. Develop interactive applications on our website that allow users to query the monitoring database and serve as a data portal

This project will have multiple benefits:  it will provide an ongoing inventory of monitoring activities in the southeast; it will facilitate identification of data gaps or under- or over-sampled areas; and it will help to foster interagency cooperation.

The project is complete. We refer readers to the project website and the final report (14 MB, pdf).

Project Website:


To access the WQ data portal, visit: http://www.gcrc.uga.edu/wqmeta/app/search.asp


Project Documents:

Southeast Coastal Water Quality Monitoring Metadata Tools: Database and Web Applications (Natural Resource Report NPS/SECN/NRR—2009/159)
Wade M. Sheldon, Christine Laporte, John Carpenter, and Merryl Alber
October 2009 Final Report (14 MB, pdf)

Workshop summary report (pdf)

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