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Black Sea Bass Culture

PI: Randal L. Walker (Univ. of Georgia Marine Extension Service, Shellfish Aquaculture Laboratory, Skidaway Island, Savannah, GA, USA)

Support: Georgia Sea Grant College Program (R/AQ-3-PD)

Timeframe: 11/01/98 - 10/31/99

Project Overview:
Aquaculture of black sea bass (Centropristis striata) in Georgia appears to have great potential for expansion. Georgia fishermen currently are growing fish and the industry needs information pertaining to their culture. Presently, little biological information pertaining to retain this species exists in the published or gray literature. The overall objective of this project was to investigate various biological parameters pertinent to the culture of black sea bass in Georgia.  Specific objectives were as follows:

  • To determine which commercially available diet is optimum for rearing wild caught fish to a 2 pound size
  • To determine the effects of salinity* upon growth of black sea bass
  • To determine the optimum ration of feed for culturing fingerlings
  • To grow 25 mm length fingerlings to a 2 pound size.

*salinity experiment substituted by temperature experiment since it had been noticed that the fish grew very little from January to April, but grew rapidly after that.


  • Determined that salmon chow is preferred over trout chow for rearing of black sea bass (on the basis of fish growth and cost of feed)
  • Determined that all purpose Rangen fish chow performs as well as the more expensive salmon chow
  • Preliminary results suggest that higher water temperatures are optimal for fast growth (but may be offset, as was the case in these experiments by increased susceptibility to mycobacterial infection).

Effects of Temperature and Salinity on Growth of Juvenile Black Sea Bass, Centropristis Striata, With Implications for Aquaculture.  C. F. Cotton, R. L. Walker and T. C. Recicar, University of Georgia (Annual Meeting - American Fisheries Society, Georgia Chapter, Augusta, GA, January 2002)

Aquaculture of Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata).  Cotton, C. and R. L. Walker (Midyear Meeting - American Fisheries Society, Southern Division, Savannah, GA, 2000).



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