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Biomarker Approach Development for Study of Georgia Estuarine and Coastal Ecosystems

PI: Ming-Yi Sun (Dept of Marine Sciences, Univ of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA)

Support: Georgia Sea Grant College Program (R/HAB-2-PD)

Timeframe: 7/1/97 - 2/28/98 (complete)

Project Overview:
The organic matter in Georgia estuaries and coastal areas has multiple origins: terrestrial (Coastal Plain rivers vs. Piedmont rivers) and marine (salt- marsh macrophytes vs. primary production of phytoplankton). Due to differences in quantity and quality, this organic matter may exhibit distinct behavior in supporting the ecosystem and in the recycling of nutrients. In order to examine the basic processes as well as the effects of such organic matter on the coastal ecosystem, source-specific information of the organic matter in Georgia estuaries and coastal area is definitely needed. The objectives of this project were:

  • To seek typical land-origin and marine-derived lipid biomarkers in Georgia estuarine sediments
  • To examine transport and transformation of organic matter in land-sea margin by tracking biomarker distribution
  • To study the relationship between enzymes and biomarker degradation


Planned Publications:
Sun, M.-Y. et al. Deposition and sources of organic matter in Altamaha estuarine sediments (in prep.)

Sun, M.-Y. et al. Variations of lipid-degrading enzyme activity and lipid composition in Altamaha estuarine sediments (in prep.)

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