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South East Area Monitoring and Assessment Program -- South Atlantic (SEAMAP-SA)

PI: Elizabeth Wenner (S.C. Department of Natural Resources) 

Support: National Marine Fisheries Service and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources -- Marine Resources Division

Timeframe: 1986 - ongoing

Program Overview:
The goals of the project are to monitor the status and trends of coastal species in the South Atlantic Bight, with emphasis on economically and ecologically important Atlantic species such as shrimp, king and Spanish mackerel, and other fish species, and to amass a long-term data base for research and fisheries management use. Twenty-seven finfish and decapod species are considered to be priority species. As the only coastal trawl survey that encompasses the entire Southeast region, this survey aids numerous investigators and students by supplying data and specimens.

This survey samples shallow coastal waters from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina to Cape Canaveral, Florida at depths from 15 to 60 feet.

Samples are collected by towing paired 75 ft. mongoose-type Falcon Trawls for 20 minutes

SEAMAP-SA Shallow Water Trawl Survey cruises are conducted each year in Spring (mid-April to the end of May), Summer (mid-July to mid-August), and Fall (the first of October to mid-November).

PDF (opens in new window) SEAMAP-SA Shallow Water Trawl Survey, Cruise Report Fall 2002.


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