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South Atlantic Bight Synoptic Offshore Observational Network

PI: James Nelson, Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography, Savannah, GA, USA. 

Support: National Oceanic Partnership Program.
          Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
          US Navy (Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System)
          University of North Carolina (Department of Marine Sciences)
          NOAA (Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary)
          South Carolina Marine Resources Research Institute.

Timeframe: 1998 - ongoing

Project Overview:
The South Atlantic Bight Synoptic Offshore Observational Network (SABSOON) is a real-time coastal ocean observing system located on the US Southeastern continental shelf. Offshore towers that are part of a flight training facility for the US Navy have been equipped with oceanographic and meteorological instruments. On several platforms, the Navy has provided access to existing power and high-bandwidth communications systems. Instrument, data acquisition and communications systems have been designed, installed, and tested in extended operation. Two-way, real-time communications (T1 bandwidth) has been established. Instrument systems are operational at two locations (about 50 and 70 km offshore, 26 and 33 m depth) has been established. Installations of power, communications and instrument systems at a third location (about 90 km offshore, 45 m depth) are underway. The network accommodates additional sensors and access to real-time communications by other researchers. A prototype data assimilative, nowcast/forecast model for the region was developed during the initial funding. This will provide one component for a coupled ocean/atmosphere forecasting model presently being developed in a separate NOPP project that will utilize the SABSOON observations in a data assimilative mode.

Instrumentation is in place for monitoring atmospheric conditions (wind speed and direction, total solar irradiance, a siphoning rain bucket, relative humidity, temperature and air pressure) as well as ocean measurements (conductivity, temperature, pressure, chlorophyll a, dissolved organic matter, wave/tide gauging, and current profiles). Artificial reef structures and an underwater video system were also deployed for fisheries studies. View real-time data from this project.

SABSOON is part of the Southeast Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing System (SEA-COOS).




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