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Baseline Port Surveys for Introduced Marine Molluscan, Crustacean and Polychaete Species in the South Atlantic Bight

PIs: Alan Power (Univ of Georgia Marine Extension Service), Randal Walker (Univ of Georgia Marine Extension Service), Carolyn Belcher (Univ of Georgia Marine Extension Service), Martin Posey (Dept of Biological Sciences, Univ of N. Carolina), and Troy Alphin (Dept of Biological Sciences, Univ of N. Carolina)

Support: Sea Grant College Program

Timeframe: 2003 - 2004

Project Objectives:

  • To conduct a comprehensive search for molluscan, polychaete, and crustacean species in the major ports of the South Atlantic Bight (Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, and Wilmington).
  • To provide baseline information on native biodiversity, and on the presence, distribution and relative abundance of non-indigenous species in the region.
  • To integrate all data with GIS technology, and to disseminate results to potential users.

All field sampling has been conducted. The ports of Savannah GA, Jacksonville FL, Charleston SC, and Wilmington NC were visited during August/September 2003. All trawl, crab and minnow samples have been processed to at least to the level of phylum and have been transferred from formalin to 70% alcohol. All scrapings and plates have also been transferred to 70% alcohol for analysis.

We have been compiling information from various biotic surveys (technical reports, theses, scientific publications) that have been conducted in the region to construct a database on native biodiversity, and species distributions. To date, approximately 40 sources have been compiled for the database. Additionally research has been conducted to obtain the information needed to describe each of the four ports in terms of their history, geology, hydrography, and shipping movements.

Newspaper and web articles (these open in new windows) http://www.savannahnow.com/stories/100603/LOC_invasives.shtml

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