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Impact of Phenolic and Dioxin-like Contaminants on Coastal Georgia Water Quality

PI: Keith A. Maruya (formerly: Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, Savannah, GA, USA)

Support: GA DNR Coastal Zone Management (through a Coastal Incentive Grant)

Timeframe: 2001 - ongoing

Project Overview:
     This 3-year project will supplement the efforts of the US EPA and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (Coastal 2000 project) in assessing the environmental quality of Coastal Georgia. Due to cost and technology constraints, only 3 classes of generic PBT chemicals (persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic) will be measured for Coastal 2000. This work is designed to maximize the utility of sediment chemistry data generated by these 2 projects.
     Large scale shipping, chemical, wood treating and especially pulp and paper operations have dominated land use in most large river and estuarine systems in Georgia. Presently, however, a shift toward residential and/or resort type land use is occurring. This somewhat unique superposition of land uses suggests the potential influence of additional (i.e. non-generic) classes of trace PBT chemicals -- alkylphenols (APs), chlorophenols (CPs) and polychlorodibenzodioxins/furans (PCDD/Fs). Each of these chemicals has the potential for accumulating in sediments of Georgia tidal creeks, rivers, and marshes, and causing harmful effects to indigenous (aquatic) biota.
     Concentrations of individual APs, CPs, and PCDD/Fs in ~150 sediment samples will be measured over a 3-year period. Half of the sediment samples analyzed will be common to the Coastal 2000 project, ensuring complete geographical coverage of the Georgia coast. The remaining samples would be collected in river systems impacted by large point and or non-point sources of contamination.



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