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Georgia Coastal Ecosystems - Long Term Ecological Research

PIs: Merryl Alber (1), Tim Hollibaugh (1), Steve Pennings (2), Wade Sheldon (1), Clark Alexander (3), Dale Bishop (1), Jack Blanton (3), Adrian Burd (1), Chris Craft (4), Daniela Di Iorio (1), Mandy Joye (1), Christof Meile (1), Billy Moore (5), Brian Silliman (6), and John Wares (1).

(1) Univ. of Georgia; (2) Univ. of Houston; (3) Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography; (4) Indiana Univ.; (5) Univ. of South Carolina; (6) Univ. of Florida

Support: National Science Foundation - Long Term Ecological Research Program

Timeframe: 2000 - ongoing

Project Overview:
The Georgia Coastal Ecosystems (GCE) Long Term Ecological Research project is studying the role of water transport in the ecological linkages between upland areas and the coastal zone in central Georgia. The GCE study area is a barrier island and marsh complex located on the central Georgia coast in the vicinity of Sapelo Island and the Altamaha River, with study sites in Sapelo, Doboy, and Altamaha Sounds. Measurements are being taken in the 5 core LTER areas (Pattern and control of primary production; Spatial and temporal distribution of populations selected to represent trophic structures; Pattern and control of organic matter accumulation and decomposition in surface layers and sediments; Patterns of inorganic inputs and movements of nutrients through soils, groundwater and surface waters; Patterns and frequency of disturbances). Additional studies focus on hydrodynamics and hydrology, assessment of ground water inputs, and the relationship of flows and fluxes to morphology. Complementary studies include DIC, O2 and NO3 - fluxes, sediment biogeochemistry and plant and animal community composition, density and diversity.

For more information, we refer our readers to the very fine website for the GCE-LTER (http://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/lter/)


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