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Study of Changes in Contaminant Marker Compound Concentrations and Genotoxic Biomarkers During Phases of Development Planned for the Altamaha River Basin

PI: Richard F. Lee (Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, Savannah, Georgia, USA)

Support: Georgia Coastal Incentive Grant (Dept of Natural Resources, Coastal Zone Management Program)

Timeframe: 2000 - 2002

Project Overview:
This was a two-year project to track the changes in the concentration levels of a number of different contaminant marker compounds in canals, creeks, lakes and storm drains, as developed occurs in the Altamaha River Basin. Sampling occurred during each of four phases of the development process. Phase 1 - before development, Phase 2 - during the land clearing and roadway construction, Phase 3 - during construction of buildings, sewers, and storm drains, and Phase 4 - after the large growth of population is in place. Grass shrimp will be collected and will be assayed for DNA strand damage and embryo development effects during the first two years of development.



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Genotoxicants in Retention Ponds and Adjacent Estuaries in Urban/Suburban Sites in Coastal Georgia (R. Lee)

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