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Natural Hazards, Amenities, and Landuse: A Participatory Approach for Visualizing Resilient Coastal Communities

PIs: Warren Kriesel, Liz Kramer, Susanna Ferreira (University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA) 

Support: Georgia Sea Grant College Program

Timeframe: 2012-2013

Project Objectives:
This project will use UGA Marine Extension, Georgia DNR -Coastal Resources Division and -Environmental Protection Division staff to identify key local government elected officials and staff for a workshop on building sustainable and resilient coastal communities. The workshop will provide an overview of the economic and ecological benefit of green infrastructure planning for climate change adaptation and overview the data and tools available for planning development. The participants will define alternative future land use scenarios that will be assessed for their economic and ecological impacts. A website will be created which uses GIS to demonstrate the outcome of each scenario on the housing market and the potential costs of natural disasters to the communities. The website will provide users with information on how this planning process can be integrated with the Green Growth Guidelines, Regional Water Planning Council recommendations, the Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Programs, and biodiversity protection activities. Housing market impacts will be determined by results from the project’s real estate market analysis component. Real estate market analysis will consider flooding hazards and whether market incentives have been affected by the prolonged economic recession.



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