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Modeling Spatial and Temporal Land Use Patterns in Coastal Georgia

PIs: Andrew Hanson* and Kurt Schnier (Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University) *presently at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Support: Georgia Sea Grant College Program

Timeframe: 2010-2011

Project Ojectives:
To determine the factors that drive land use change in coastal Georgia, and its connected interior counties, we will develop a dynamic discrete choice model of landowners within Georgia. The model developed will be further used to conduct ex-post policy simulations in order to project the future spatial and temporal evolution of land use within coastal Georgia resulting from alternative land use policies. Following the development of our empirical model, a series of temporal and spatial land use projection maps generated using GIS software will be constructed. These will be made publicly available to regional land use managers and other interested researchers. Regional land use planners will be consulted to determine the appropriate ex-post policy simulations to be conducted that will provide the best information of land use managers in coastal Georgia.

A data set constructed using figures from the Census of Agriculture dating back to 1944 was assembled. The research team has detailed county-level data on land use, agricultural tenure and agricultural/forestry returns. The team has also begun to graphically illustrate the data to uncover temporal trends in land use using GIS software.



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