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Support of Monitoring Activities and Site Characterization at Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary (GRNMS)

PIs: Jon Hare, John Burke, Harvey Walsh (Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research, Beaufort, North Carolina), Cheryl Woodley (Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research, Charleston, South Carolina), and Jeff Hyland (Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment, Charleston, South Carolina).

Support: National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science

Timeframe: April 2000 - March 2003

Project Overview:
Nine monitoring objectives were outlined by this program.

  • Participate in Grays Reef National Marine Sanctuary fish monitoring activities including work in adjacent deeper areas.
  • Analyze fish monitoring data for changes in abundance and species composition over time (1995-1999).
  • Assess adequacy of fish monitoring sampling design for detecting changes in abundance and composition of fishes over time.
  • Determing the importance of non-reef habitats to juvenile stages of reef fishes and evaluate the linkages between non-reef and reef habitats.
  • Provide customized satellite-derived sea surface temperature products to assist research and management activities within GRNMS.
  • Determine the species of fish that spawn in the vicinity of GRNMS.
  • Evaluate larval transport to and dispersal from GRNMS to surrounding areas.
  • Provide an assessment of the efficacy of GRNMS to act as a source of fish recruits for other hard bottom areas in the region.
  • Provide an assessment of the condition of macroinfaunal assemblages, concentrations of chemical contaminants in sediments, and contaminant body-burdens in target benthic species of the GRNMS.



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