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Property and Insurance Markets in Coastal Georgia

PIs: Caroline A. Dehring and David L. Eckles (Terry College of Business, University of Georgia)

Support: Georgia Sea Grant College Program

Timeframe: 2011-2013

Project Ojectives:
This study will result in a centralized database for a five county study area (Chatham, Liberty, McIntosh, Glynn, and Camden). This database will include parcel-level data including topography, parcel size, land value, structure value, applicable land use regulation, building permits, National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood zone, and NFIP coverage availability. This database will be augmented by sales transaction data to allow a study of changes in property values and insurance markets brought on by changes in risk (e.g. flood zone changes).

This study will also provide a foundation for an in-depth analysis of the ongoing changes in Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) and the resultant effects of changes in property markets and insurance markets in coastal Georgia.



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