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Estuarine Response to Land and Water Use Changes and Development at the Georgia Coast

PIs: Renato Castelao and Daniela Di Iorio (Department of Marine Sciences, University of Georgia)

Support: Georgia Sea Grant College Program

Timeframe: 2012-2013

Project Ojectives:
This project will examine the sensitivity of residence and transit times in the Altamaha, Doboy and Sapelo estuaries to changes in land and water use (e.g., freshwater removal associated with development). Specific objectives are to (1) quantify circulation and exchange for each estuary and identify their controlling mechanisms; (2) identify transport pathways between the estuaries; (3) quantify the spatially variable residence and transit times in the system; and (4) quantify how variability in forcing (e.g., river discharge) affects residence and transit times in the different estuaries. Vulnerability maps will also be developed, identifying in red, yellow or green areas where potential water quality sensitivity to land and water use changes is high, moderate or small, respectively.



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