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Reconstructing Georgia’s Hurricane Record: A 260-year GIS Database of Coastal Impact

PIs: Brian Bossak and Mark Welford (Georgia Southern University); Ethan Gibney (independent contractor).  BB is presently at Valdosta State University

Support: Georgia Sea Grant College Program

Timeframe: 2012-2013

Project Objectives:
The objectives of this are to: 1) expand the dataset of hurricane impacts along the Georgia coastline back to 1750, 2) generate updated return period calculations for hurricanes along the coast that will improve and enhance the existing knowledge of severe coastal storms and aid in risk characterization of storm impacts along the state’s coastal counties, and 3) prepare GIS-generated maps of these return period projections along the Georgia coast.

Within these objectives, specific goals are to: 1) identify, from selected data sources, hurricane impacts to Georgia’s coastline between 1750 and 1850; 2) develop a long-term dataset of Georgia hurricanes that extends from 1750-2010 by appending to NOAA’s Atlantic Basin Hurricane Database -HURDAT; 3) calculate return intervals for each category of hurricane intensity based on the expanded dataset; and 4) generate maps in a GIS depicting the return period, by intensity, for every one of Georgia’s coastal counties.





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