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The Coastal Resources Division (CRD) of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources brought together stakeholders to provide input on permitting practices associated with Marinas and Community Docks and Coastal Uplands under the Shore Protection Act and the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act. The Fanning Institute at UGA facilitated these meetings and the GCRC provided technical support.

Marinas and Community Docks Stakeholder Process

The Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee (CMPC) requested that CRD undertake an independently facilitated stakeholders process to examine the permitting practices for marinas and community docks.  The Committee's request was based on a need for more formalized standards for permitting these types of projects pursuant to the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act.  The Committee's goal is two-fold: 1) to achieve consistency and predictability for the public, Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee, and Georgia Department of Natural Resources staff, while recognizing and accommodating the uniqueness of each project that comes before the Committee; and 2) to achieve enhanced efficiency in getting a project to the Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee for permitting consideration. The committee was formed in May 2005 and will meet for the last time in October 2006.  

Please visit the CRD home page for this process.

Environmental Effects of Docks
        Merryl Alber (PDF presentation, opens in new window)


Coastal Uplands Stakeholder Process

The Coastal Uplands Stakeholder Process was formed in May 2006 as a consequence of the work done by the Community Docks and Marinas group. The DNR Board wrote a resolution tasking this group with creating rules for waterfront development permitted under the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act, including consideration of 'upland issues' such as: stormwater management, impervious cover, and buffer design and maintenance. Final documents were prepared in September 2006.

Please visit the CRD home page for this process.

Impervious Surface: Review of Recent Literature
        Christine Tilburg and Merryl Alber (PDF document, opens in new window)

Overview of Impervious Surfaces
        Merryl Alber (PDF presentation, opens in new window).

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