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Brian Silliman

Department of Zoology

University of Florida

Food-webs, community ecology, climate change

Issues of Interest:
Role of predators and larval delivery in controlling top-down control of marsh plant communities

Current Projects:
Community Ecology and top-down control in New Zealand, Dutch, Argentina and GA and FL salt marshes.

Community Ecology of Bahamian and Argentine Rocky shores

Climate forcing of food web interactions in Argentine and GA marsh systems

Project Link:

Georgia Coastal Ecosystems - Long Term Ecological Research (LTER)
   Merryl Alber, Tim Hollibaugh, Steve Pennings, Wade Sheldon, Clark Alexander, Dale Bishop, Jack Blanton, Adrian Burd, Chris Craft, Daniela Di Iorio, Mandy Joye, Christof Meile, Billy Moore, Brian Silliman and John Wares (see project summary for affiliations).



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