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James G. Sanders

Director and Professor
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Trace element biogeochemistry; physiological ecology of phytoplankton; dynamics of phytoplankton species composition and species succession; interactions with anthropogenic compounds

Issues of Interest:
Transfer of trace elements through the coastal zone, interactions between nutrients and trace elements, general issues of pollutant interactions with organisms

Current Projects and Activities:

Currently finishing up a 7 year, multi-investigator project called "The Importance of Understanding Ecological Complexity to Predicting Effects of Multiple Stressors on Coastal Systems (COASTES)"

COASTES is a multidisciplinary program designed to improve the understanding of the effects of multiple stressors in coastal systems and the role that the complexity of natural systems plays in influencing responses to anthropogenic stress. Funded by NOAA-COP, the multi-year (1995 -- present), multi-investigator project has at its core an integrated team of watershed experts, ecologists, economists and managers who designed an integrated approach to the issue. By examining land use, ecology, fisheries, management issues, and economics in a coordinated effort, we insure that we will be able to integrate information generated to improve our scientific understanding and management of the estuary. Sanders serves as co-Lead Investigator with Dr. Denise Breitburg (The Academy of Natural Sciences, Estuarine Research Center).


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