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Mark Risse

UGA Marine Outreach Programs, Director

Georgia Power Professor of Water Policy (College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)
Also Carl Vinson Institute of Government and the College of Engineering

University of Georgia

Non-point sources pollution management, water resources policy, stormwater management and erosion control, animal waste and nutrient management

Issues of Interest:
Development of policy and techniques to conserve soil and water resources, work to preserve and protect agricultural systems through improved management and pollution prevention

Current Projects and Project Links:

   Georgia Agricultural Pollution Prevention Program: http://www.agp2.org  This program is designed to help Georgia farmers improve on-farm efficiency to improve prohitability and protect the environment

Southern Region Water Resources Program: http://srwqis.tamu.edu This program is focused on improving water resources management through regional coordination of land grant Universities throughout the Southeast.

National Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center: http://www.extension.org/animal+manure+management The is a national web based learning center focused on providing the best science based information on managing the impacts of livestock and poultry production.

State water planning and policy: Dr. Risse is involved is several aspects of the State Water planning process.  He is assisting the Fanning Institute and the Carl Vinson Institute with facilitation of the water planning process.  As part of a UGA team, he helped develop projections of future agricultural water demand.  He is also the chair of a cooperative effort between the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and UGA on implementing water conservation Statewide (http://www.conservewatergeorgia.net/) .  He serves on several state committees focused on the oversight of septic systems, stormwater management, and erosion and sediment control.

Research in Stormwater management: Dr. Risse has several research projects related to evaluation of technology for stormwater management and erosion control.  He is a research leader in the area of managing soil quality using compost and other organic amendments to reduce erosion and runoff using low impact development.

Works Statewide with an office on the Athens campus at the Driftmier Engineering Center


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