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Bill Miller

Professor, Director of UGA Marine Institute
Assoc. Director of UGA Marine Programs
University of Georgia

Chemical oceanography, photochemistry, CDOM, climate change, carbon cycles, air-sea exchange, ocean optics, etc.

Issues of Interest:
-Organic carbon exchange from marsh habitats
-Ocean color as an indicator of system dynamics
-Finding enough money to pay UGAMI power bill

Current Projects:

  • Seagrave - using ocean color to calculate DOC fluxes
  • NASA - driving photochemical production of CO2, CO, and biolobical labile carbon (BLC) with ocean color
  • Office of Naval Research - developing robust ocean color algorithms for use in dark coastal waters
  • NSF - ocean optics and photochemistry in a river dominated coast (Northern Gulf of Mexico)

Every aquatic environment & global to local salt, brackish and freshwater.
More recently, coastal ocean & estuarine & river

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