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Liz Mann

Assistant Professor
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Phytoplankton and microbial dynamics, impacts of trace metals on marine systems

Issues of Interest:
I am interested in determining the environmental and/or anthropogenic factors that control the abundance and growth rates of coastal populations of cyanobacteria. Important factors probably include irradiance, nutrient concentrations, the degree of freshwater input to estuaries and contaminants such as trace metals or antimicrobial compounds.

Current Projects:

  • Creating a bioinformatics based model of how iron and carbon availability interact to influence iron acquisition in the marine bacterium Vibrio fisheri. Collaborators on this project include Eric Stabb (UGA) and Hongwei Wu (Georgia Tech).
  • Investigating iron and light co-limitation in stratified water columns, with Kathy Barbeau (Scripps) and Zak Johnson (Duke).
  • Determining the interactions between arsenate toxicity and phosphate limitation in marine cyanobacteria. Collaborators include Jim Sanders (SkIO) and others.
  • Comparing picoplankton population dynamics in the Savannah River and the relatively pristine Altamaha River.

Savannah River
Altamaha River

Project Links:

Information needs:

Nutrient concentrations, chlorophyll concentrations, primary productivity and data on water column stratification for the Savannah and Altamaha rivers.


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