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Chunyan Li

Assistant Professor
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Physical oceanography

Issues of Interest:
Observational, theoretical and modeling studies of ocean dynamics.
Ocean tides and coastal water dynamics.
Interaction of barotropic and baroclinic motions.
Coastal ocean and estuarine circulation, including transport and mixing processes.
Objective or inverse analyses.
Combining observational information and models to estimate dynamic parameters and the inversion of flow fields from limited observation in coastal-estuarine waters.
Innovative observational techniques and data analysis techniques.
Satellite remote sensing coastal oceanography.

Current Projects:
Coastal Zone Management project on human impact on salt water intrusion.
LU-CES project in South Carolina (Okatee) and GA (Satilla).
LTER project in GA (Altamaha, Doboy, Sapelo).

GA estuaries and tidal inlets (Ogeechee River, Altamaha River, Satilla River)
SC creek (Okatee Creek)
VA estuaries (Chesapeake Bay, James River)

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