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Patrick Geer

Chief of Marine Fisheries
Georgia Department of Natural Resources - Coastal Resources Division

Fisheries, sampling designs, essential fish habitat, monitoring surveys, GIS.

Issues of Interest:

Essential fish habitat
Evaluating live bottom types relative to fish/invertebrate abundance
American eel life history studies
Measuring recruitment success/failure of finfish/invertebrates

Current Projects:

Marine Commercial Fisheries
Shrimp Assessment Survey
Bycatch characterization studies
Habitat issues
American eel recruitment studies

Presently working in six sound systems (Wassaw, Ossabaw, Sapelo, St. Simons, St. Andrews, and Cumberland), primarily in the lower creeks, the sound proper, and just offshore (< 3 miles).

Information Needs:
Salinity profiles up to the freshwater interface for each major system.

Coastal Resources Division, GA Dept of Natural Resources

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