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Will Fell

Senior Forester
Georgia Forestry Commission

Forestry "Best Management Practices" Implementation

Issues of Interest:
Non point pollution as it relates to silvicultural activities

Current Projects:

  • Currently involved in a survey/audit to assess the degree of implementation of Georgia's voluntary best management practices.
  • In the process of implementing a continuing program courtesy/assurance checks on silvicultural activities.
  • Respond to complaints/concerns regarding silvicultural activities.

Responsible for 13 counties in S.E. Georgia.  Based in Statesboro.

Information Needs:
Direct and indirect influences various forestry activities have on the waters of the state. Research geared specifically on this area of the state and pertinent to the types of disturbances silviculture creates.

Georgia Forestry Commission (http://www.gfc.state.ga.us)

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