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Bert Deener

Fisheries Regional Supervisor
Georgia Wildlife Resources Division (GA DNR)

Warmwater rivers, freshwater fishes, American shad.

Issues of Interest:
Instream flows, freshwater fish populations, exotic fishes, anadromous fishes.

Current Projects:

American shad population monitoring on Altamaha River (via tagging study).

Standardized electrofishing sampling to monitor gamefish populations on Altamaha, Oconee, Ocmulgee, Ohoopee, Alapaha, Satilla, St. Marys, and Suwannee rivers.

Predominantly warmwater rivers, small lakes, and ponds.
Minimal work in Altamaha and Satilla estuaries.

Information Needs:
Effects of wetlands and land use practices on instream flows.

Wildlife Resources Division, GA Dept of Natural Resources

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