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Changsheng Chen

University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Estuarine modeling

Issues of Interest:
Coastal modeling management tool development relative to non-point popllution, dead marsh.

Current Projects:
Water quality, tidal currents and residual flow, mixing, salinity simulation, etc.
(1) The Satilla River water quality model development
(2) The Ogeechee model development

The estuaries of the Satilla and Ogeechee Rivers.

Project Links:

Initial Development of an Interdisciplinary Model of the Georgia Estuaries
     Changsheng Chen (Dept. of Marine Sciences, Univ. of Georgia.  Currently -- Univ. of Massachusetts, Dartmouth) and  Jackson O. Blanton (Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography)

Modeling Study of Physical Processes over the Inner Shelf of the Georgia Coast
    Changsheng Chen (Dept of Marine Sciences, Univ of Georgia.  Currently -- Univ. of Massachusetts, Dartmouth)

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