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Mark Bakker

Associate Research Scientist
Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department, UGA, Athens, GA

Dr. Bakker has returned to The Netherlands. This biography reflects his former affiliation and his research presented on this website.

Development and application of groundwater models and other hydrology models

Issues of Interest:
Seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers, contaminant transport in multi-aquifer systems, exact solutions to simplified problems, the modeling of flow and transport in layered anisotropic aquifers, three-dimensional flow to radial collector wells, flow through the unsaturated zone, and many other groundwater and hydrology problems.

Current Projects:
We are developing a new package for MODFLOW to model seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers. The package is based on a new formulation for variable density flow. The density may vary continuously throughout the model area. The density (salinity) distribution will be specified through the specification of the elevation of a number of surfaces of constant density. The density will vary linearly in the vertical direction between these surfaces. Such a distribution closely resembles current practice of the evaluation of the salinity in the aquifer, where drawing contour surfaces of equal salinity is one of the most efficient ways to evaluate the salinity distribution.
The main advantages of the new formulation are: (1) The aquifer does not have to be discretized vertically, only the initial density distribution in each aquifer has to be specified, (2) The simulation of seawater intrusion is efficient and accurate since no velocities have to be computed, and (3) The model does not suffer from numerical dispersion, nor do all cell sizes have to be equal.


Project Links:

An Efficient Computer Program for Modeling Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers
     Mark Bakker (Dept of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Univ of Georgia)

Coastal aquifers


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